Apple Chatswood Chase

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Kim L
31 month ago
There are good Apple stores and not so good ones. The attitude on display here remains sub-par from my perspective. Disagreeable and unfriendly. On the whole, you don’t leave this store feeling good.
Kim L
87 month ago
Major fail for service and advice from Apple Chatswood today. First and last time I'm using this Apple Store. So different to other stores.
Julien W
89 month ago
I was yelled by an apple staff (white guy with glasses and beard; 1.73m approx.) when I returned from toilet to pick up my kid at the kids' area...saying something rude to us...sure not come again
Steve N
91 month ago
Poor service if you're just trying to buy something. Staff seem more interested in standing around chatting.
Matthew F
91 month ago
Apple Store is not too busy. Service is always great.
Choppa T
94 month ago
Staff are amazing
Findlay O
95 month ago
A great experience at this store and from Tony. Staff are pleasant and helpful.
Corey M
99 month ago
Typically unsatisfactory experience.
Nathan V
100 month ago
What can I say... the apple nerd cult walking around in blue t shirts just like in the Simpsons episode were Lisa wants an iPod. Still I walked out with an iPad mini...
Mick E
106 month ago
Great staff and allways friendly