Tropical Hotel

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Tatiana P
56 month ago
Заселялись по ваучеру не оказалось свободных мест. Пытались заселить в др. отель в котором не было туалета и душа в номере в итоге после долгих разговоров нас на 1ночь заселили в др.отель с удобствами
Andrew C
60 month ago
Climbing Sigiriya? Betcha your driver will bring you here first...
Maheeka J
69 month ago
Service and cleanliness is very good. There's a variety in the 750 buffet. But the food is not tasty at all. Sri Lankan food is comparatively okay. Also, they do not accept credit cards.
Chathura Y
72 month ago
Incredible service and meal for a very reasonable price
  • Sri Lanka, GPS: 7.900841,80.66784