Tim Hortons

Coffee Shop
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Stephanie P
101 month ago
Really slow. ..took three tries at getting my order right before I just gave up and accepted what she put in... And then I got to the window and she had the wrong total and order. . What a mess.
Etta Panky M
103 month ago
Iced Capps are the bomb!
Majd M
108 month ago
I love this tim hortons its way better than 16 mile. The 16 mile one is always busy and u can never find a place to set.but i loves the afternoon and night shift there always nice and cool to talk to
Scott P
110 month ago
New look, same slow service!
Matt B
111 month ago
They changed to a cheaper vendor for blueberry muffins. All mix and no berries. Muffin top is now mushy too. Just get the coffee.
Nicole W
112 month ago
This Tim Horton's sucks. They never have what's on their menu. Also they never seem to be ready to serve lunch menu items until after 12:30
Kat S
116 month ago
Extremely slow service
Rita N
129 month ago
Tim Bits tasted real old :-/ the one on 16 and Mound is WAY better!!
Jason T
131 month ago
If I were a mean person I'd say some of the staff here are getting dumber. Go through the drive thru during the week to see what I mean. Maybe it's better to go inside.
Gene M
138 month ago
You have to try the new S'Mores donut.